Assemblyman David Alvarez wants to suspend the gas tax now! –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Assemblyman David Alvarez is finishing off his first full week in office and he’s focusing on brining the cost of gas down for California drivers.

The INACTION of the state legislature to prevent the cost of everything going up and not providing relief from the rising cost of living is INEXCUSABLE.

While Sacramento politicians are making empty promises for relief, Californians are suffering. Residents of the 80th Assembly District in the South Bay from Eastlake to San Ysidro they are bearing the brunt of the increasing cost of everything. From gas to groceries, Sacramento needs to find a way to lessen the burden on our South Bay families.” – David Alvarez

Assemblyman David Alvarez, 80th Assembly District, joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on “Good Evening San Diego” to discuss his first full week on the job and what he is currently advocating for.

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