Beer bread with spinach and onion: Flavour-packed homemade bread

Bread, the universal baked deliciousness enjoyed around the world has so many variations. You have different regular breads but sometimes we get creative and try something new and add some savoury goodness to them. If you love spinach and feta muffins, you should try our beer bread with spinach and onion. The bread is airy and light with a hint of spinach that goes perfectly well as a side for most meals or any snack you can think of.

Beer bread with spinach and onion tips

The bread is very easy to make and enjoy so it’s up to you when it comes to the other ingredients. You can easily adjust amounts and add more or less. The paprika lifts the flavour without being spicy and garlic is great with everything. Enjoy with your eggs and bacon open sandwich for breakfast or as a tasty side with lunch. Savoury bread has so many uses and it’s always delicious and spinach is good for you. Don’t forget to use your favourite beer, but be careful of hops-heavy crafts.

If you love baking and eating bread, we’ve got something special for you. A savoury beer bread with spinach and onion is a perfect meal in one.

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