Bexar County sheriff blames increase in deputies being shot at on new gun law

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies were shot at in three separate incidents in just four days. Now, Sheriff Javier Salazar is asking gun owners to be more careful with their weapons.

The first incident happened Thursday morning on the far West Side when deputies tried to stop people who were going street by street burglarizing cars.

“We believe that that suspect actually emptied his gun on the deputy and you know, we’re just lucky that we’re not talking about a dead or seriously injured deputy,” said Sheriff Salazar.

The second instance was late Saturday on the East Side. A traffic stop for a tail light violation turned into a foot chase and gunfight. According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect shot at least once at the responding deputy as he ran away.


“The deputy, also a SWAT team operator, did a great job of using his vehicle for concealment, retrieved his patrol rifle and engaged that suspect. (He) fired at least two shots and that suspect was shot at least once in the upper body and died there on the scene,” Sheriff Salazar said.

The third incident happened Saturday into Sunday morning when deputies were called for gunshots. When they tried pulling a white Charger over, other vehicles interfered and deputies say they were being shot at.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but the white Charger did get away.

In both incidents where the suspects were stopped, the guns they used had been stolen, according to officials.

Sheriff Salazar said with the new lax gun law, there are more legal guns on the street, which he says isn’t the issue, but making sure gun owners secure their weapons better is.

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