Boy scammed with counterfeit money at his lemonade stand

Everett Police is looking for a man who officers say used fake money to rip off a 12-year-old boy at his lemonade stand.

Jeremy told police a man handed him a $100 bill at his lemonade stand on Beverly and Broadway.

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The child then gave the man all of his allowance as change for the items he purchased, but he knew something wasn’t right.

“It kind of feels fake, and the numbers look weird,” Jeremy said. “The numbers look different on each corner, and the $100 bill looks smaller than the real one.”

He took the money to a gas station and asked the clerk if it was real, who said no. It upset Jeremy once he learned he’d been scammed.

“Disappointed and very mad and sad. It felt like super bad,” said Jeremy.

The gas station clerk called the police.

If the man is caught, police say he will face a felony charge.

Jeremy has a message for him.

“Stop making fake money, and don’t walk around looking for easy people to rip off,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy will be selling lemonade and snacks on Saturday at Beverly and Broadway.

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