Full Form Computer Related


Full Form Computer Related

full form computer related

Full Form Computer Related :

ABR-Area Boarder Router

ADC-Analog-To-Digital Converter

ADB-Apple Desktop Bus

ADE-Automatic Design Engineering

ADO-ActiveX Data Objects

ADSI-Active Directory Service Interfaces

AGP-Accelerated Graphics Port

AIF-Application Integration Feature

AJAX-Asynchronous Java Script And XML

ALGOL-Algorithmic Language

ARC-Advanced Risk Computing

ASF-Active Streaming Format

ASP-Active Server Page

ATA-At Attachment

AVI-Audio Visual Interleaving

ASG-Abstract Semantic Graph

ASIC-Application Specific Integration Circuit

ASP-Application Service Provider

ALU-Arithmetic And Logical Unit

BAR-Base Address Register

BASIC-Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BBS-Bulletin Board System

BCD-Binary Coded Decimal

BCR-Bar Code Reader

BMP-Basic Multilingual Plane

BRAN-Broadband Radio Access Networks

CAL-Common Application Language

CAE-Common Application Environment

CAD-Computer Aided Design

CAL-Computer Aided Learning

CAM-Computer Aided Manufacturing

CAT-Computer Aided Translation

CAQ-Computer Aided Quality Assurance

CC-C Compiler

CPN-Central Processing Node

CDMA-Code Division Multiple Access

CDR-Compact Disc Recordable

CDROM-Compact Disc Read Only Memory

CDRW-Compact Disc Rewritable

CDR/W-Compact Disc Read/Write

COBOL-Common Business Oriented Language

CGA-Color Graphic Array

CGI-Common Gateway Interface

DAA-Data Access Arrangement


DBA-Database Administrator

DBMS-Database Management System

DCE-Data Communications Equipment

DDS-Digital Data Storage

DDS-Distributed Data Server

DIM-Device Interface Module


DLC-Data Link Control

DTR-Data Terminal Ready

DVD-Digital Versatile Disc

EDD-Enhanced Disk Drive

EFF-Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFI-Extensible Firmware Interface

EGA-Enhanced Graphics Array

FCS-Frame Check Sequence

FDC-Floppy Disk Drive Controller

FDD-Floppy Disk Drive



GDA-Global Document Annotation

HDA-Head Disk Assembly

HDD-Hard Disk Drive

HLDLC-High Level Data Link Control Procedures

HHD-Hybrid Hard Drive

ATA-Advanced Technology Attachment

BFD-Binary File Descriptor

BGP-Border Gateway Protocol


BMP-Bit Map

BIOS-Basic Input Output System

BOF-Beginning of File

BOOTP-Bootstrap Protocol

BPI-Bytes per Inch

BPS-Bits Per Second

CAI-Computer Assisted (Aided) Instruction

CLR-Common Language Runtime

CMOS-Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

CNC-Computer Numerical Control

COM-Component Object Module

COMAL-Common Algorithmic Language

CRT-Cathode Ray Tube

CSI-Common System Interface

CSS-Cascading Style Sheets

CT-Computerized Tomography

CTCP-Client-To-Client Protocol

CD-Compact Disk

CTS-Clear To Send

CU-Central Unit

CUA-Control User Access

DIVX-Digital Video Express

DNS-Domain Name System

DOS-Disk Operating System

DPMI-Dos Protected Mode Interface

DRAM-Dynamic Ram

DRW-DVD Rewritable

DTP-Desktop Publishing

DVR-Digital Video Recorder

EASI-Embedded All-In-One System Interface

ERP-Error Recovery Procedure

EPROM-Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

EUC-End-User Computing

FS-File System

FSB-Front Side Bus

FSF-Free Software Foundation

GDI-Graphical Device Interface

GIF-Graphics Interchange Format

GPU-Graphics Processing Unit

HTML-Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HSTP-High Speed Transport Protocol

IHV-Independent Hardware Vender

IFSMGR-Instable File System Manager

IS-Information Systems

ISDN-Integrated Services Digital Network

HID-Human Interface Device

ICM-Image Color Management

ICMP-Internet Control Message Protocol

ICM-Image Compression Manager

IE-Internet Explorer

IDT-Internet Development Toolbox

IGRP-Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

JAM-Java Administration Server

J2CE-Java 2 Cryptographic Edition

JDS-Java Desktop System

JMX-Java Management Extensions


KBPS-Kilobit Per Second

LA-Laboratory Automation

LAN-Local Area Network

LBP-Laser Beam Printer

LPT-Line Printer

MAC-Media Access Control

MAN-Metropolitan Area Network

MAOS-Multi Application Operating System

MB-Megabit/ Megabyte

MBR-Master Boot Record

MIDP-Mobile Information Device Profiles

MICR-Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MIDI-Music Instrument Digital Interface

MIMO-Multiple-Input Multiple-Output

MIPS-Million Instructions Per Second

NSP-Network Computing System

NET PC-Network Personal Computer

NFS-Network File System

NIO-New I/0

OAM-Operation And Maintenance

OCR-Optical Character Reader

P2P-Peer To Peer

PAN-Personal Area Network

PAP-Password Authentication Protocol

PC-Personal Computer

PIC-Peripheral Interface Controller

PAIH-Public-Access Internet Host

QAM-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

QFA-Quick File Access

QFP-Quoted For Permanence

RAM-Random Access Memory

RARP-Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

RLN-Remote Lan Node

RWM-Read Write Memory

SAN-Storage Area Network

SATA-Serial Ata

SBIN-Super user Binary

SBP 2-Serial Bus Protocol-2

SDK-Software Development Kit

SEO-Search Engine Optimization


TCP/IP-Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

ISO-International Organization For Standardization

IVV-Independent Verification & Validation

IM-Instant Messaging


IP-Internet Protocol

ISP-Internet Service Provider

IT-Information Technology

ITU-International Telecommunication Union

IP SEC-Internet Protocol Security

JSP-Java Community Process

JPEG-Joint Photographic Experts Group

JS-Java Script

JFC-Java Foundation Classes

KBPS-Kilo Byte Per Second

KPA-Key Process Area

LBA-Logical Block Address

LCD-Liquid Crystal Display

LIFO-Last In First Out

LU-Logical Unit

MMX-Multi-Media Extensions

MNG-Multiple-Image Network Graphics

MPEG-Motion Pictures (Coding) Experts Group

MMU-Memory Management Unit

MMX-Multimedia Extension

MPM-Multi-Programming Monitor

MPU-Micro Processor Unit


MUI-Multimedia User Interface

MVS-Multiple Virtual Storage

MIME-Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

NNTP-Network News Transfer Protocol

NPI-Network Provider Interface

OMR-Optical Mark Reader

OLAP-On Line Analytical Processing

PCP-Printer Control Protocol

PCT-Private Communication Technology

PDC-Primary Domain Controller

POP-Point Of Presence

POP3-Post Office Protocol 3

PSM-Printing Systems Manager

PSTN-Public Switched Telephone Network

PSN-Packet Switching Network

ROM-Read Only Memory

REFAL-Recursive Functions Algorithmic Language


RTL-Register Transfer Language

SLIP-Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMBIOS-System Management Bios

SMPT-Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNTP-Simple Network Time Protocol

SQL-Structured Query Language

SDRAM-Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory

TTF-True Type Font


TDMA-Time Division Multiple Access

UI-User interface

VB-Visual Basic

VBA-Visual Basic For Application

VBS-Visual Basic Script

VLAN-Virtual Local Area Network

VGA-Video Graphic Array

VGCT-Video Graphics Character Table

WAN-Wide Area Network

WAP-Wireless Application Protocol

WINFS-Windows Future Storage

WMP-Windows Media Player

ZIP-Zone information Protocol

ZSL-Zero Slot Lan


URL-Uniform Resource Locater

USB-Universal Serial Bus

VM-Virtual Memory

VMS-Video Memory System

VPN-Virtual Private Network

VSAM-Virtual Storage Access Method

VT-Video Terminal

WWW-World Wide Web


WSDL-Web Services Description Language

WGS-Work Group System

XUL-Xml User Interface Language

YTD-It Is Used For Year To Date

ZISC-Zone Instruction Set Computer


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