Habeck advocates energy cooperation

Sweimeh (dpa) – German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck has advocated the expansion of energy cooperation with the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Habeck said at an energy conference in Sweimeh in Jordan that Germany and Europe were switching to renewable energies and had a “great appetite for energy”. The minister is on a four-day trip to the Middle East that first took him to Israel, then to the Palestinian territories and finally to Jordan.

He said that Jordan and the region as a whole would of course have to serve their own markets first. “However, if it is possible to produce electricity here in this sunny region and bring it to Europe via cable across the Mediterranean”, or if hydrogen produced with the aid of solar energy could be brought to Europe, “then I would be delighted,” Habeck said. “There is huge demand in Germany and Europe for green hydrogen and cheap solar electricity.”

Representatives of Germany, Jordan and other states in the region signed a joint declaration at the Jordanian-German conference. In it, they agreed among other things to explore possible ways of strengthening the energy lines between the EU on the one hand and the Middle East and North Africa on the other. The idea is that this would help both regions expand renewable energies. They also want to drive forward the creation of the conditions necessary to produce green, CO2-free hydrogen.

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