Hosepipe ban UK: Is there a ban in my area and what are the rules around watering my garden?

Why is there a hosepipe ban?

South East England recorded just eight per cent of average rainfall in July, with weather conditions expected to continue being hot, humid and dry for August and September.

How much is the fine if you break the rules of the hosepipe ban?

Those found to have broken the rules are most likely to receive a warning from their water company. In the most extreme cases, a court can impose a fine of up to £1,000. 

What can you use your water for under the hosepipe ban?

There are some stipulations to the hosepipe ban, meaning that while activities among people’s daily routines might be prohibited, others are allowed.

  • While you cannot water your own garden, plants for sale or commercial use are not restricted.
  • Watering sports fields – but only the “active” parts, not the entire ground
  • Washing a “public service vehicle” like a coach or bus
  • Filling pools, ponds or fountains where fish or other animals are being kept
  • Cleaning walls, windows, paths or patios with a hosepipe for health and safety reasons

Where else could face a hosepipe ban?

Thames and South West told The Telegraph that they may need to bring in restrictions in the coming weeks. Others in the south, including Portsmouth and Wessex, said they were not currently considering any restrictions.

Anglian Water has said its reservoirs are 80 per cent full but it is “watching river levels very closely” with more dry weather forecast.

How can you help save water?

If you’re looking to help save water amid the dry summer season, there are a few things you can do as part of your daily routine:

  • Take shorter showers
  • Don’t wash your car – be proud to keep it dirty
  • Don’t wash your hair every day, or use dry shampoo
  • Use the same glass, mug, or cup all day
  • Let your lawn go brown, and don’t cut it too short because it dries out more quickly
  • Throw a light fabric, or put up a sunshade, over your plants
  • Install a water butt

Will areas in the north be affected?

The north of England is expected to receive rain over the next few days, leading water companies there to be hopeful of avoiding having to implement restrictions.

Although temporary flood warnings have been issued in parts of the Lake District this week, officials are not certain that there will be enough rainfall across the country to reduce the need for further hosepipe bans across summer.

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