Little People fans get ‘FIRST’ glimpse of Matt & Amy’s room at ‘messy’ farm

LITTLE PEOPLE fans were in for a big glimpse of Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff’s former bedroom.

The patriarch toured his entire “messy” farmhouse with “overstepping” girlfriend Caryn Chandler on July 5th’s episode.


Matt Roloff showed ‘overinvolved’ girlfriend Caryn the entire inside of his famed Oregon farm

This week’s LPBW started with an unflinching glimpse at the Roloff Oregon farm.

Caryn started dating Matt after he divorced the mother of his now-adult children, Amy, 57.

Amy meanwhile has moved on with her new husband Chris Marek, 59.

But Caryn has come under fire from fans, who think she’s “overstepping by getting involved” as Matt feuds with his sons Zach and Jeremy, both 32, about the sale of the farm.

Caryn was at the table for the unsuccessful negotiations with the brothers, which resulted in Matt putting up part of the farm for sale privately. 

Their failure to come to an agreement created a massive rift between Matt and his son Zach, who quit working on the farm and accused the patriarch of not “valuing the next generation”.

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