Meet Tucker, the Mariners’ new clubhouse dog

“He just got activated today and will be a great addition to our team,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said in an interview with the league.

Tucker comes from OkanDogs, a rescue center in Cashmere, Wash. Servais and his wife, Jill, have volunteered for the program to help migrate dogs in need of homes throughout the region.

“He got scouted very heavily,” Servais continued. “We ran people in there, and we cross-checked them. Jack ran in there. We got big-time numbers on this dog. So he went high in the Draft. We’re happy to have him as a free-agent addition to our club. Really good. This guy will fetch and play with the guys all day long. You’ll see him out here running around the field here the next few days. He’s got the clubhouse covered right now.”

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