Our Chicago: Street outreach workers face danger, violence, study says

CHICAGO (WLS) — They aim to intervene and stop violence in Chicago, but street outreach workers often face gun violence themselves. A recent study by Northwestern University and SUNY Albany polled 181 people from 15 organizations in the city. Here’s what they found: 60% percent of violence intervention workers said they have witnessed an attempted … Read more

‘You got the wrong people’: Mother speaks out after 5-month-old girl killed in drive-by shooting

CHICAGO (WLS) — The mother of Cecelia Thomas, a 5-month-old girl who was killed in a drive-by shooting, spoke publicly for the first time about the incident that claimed her young daughter’s life. She was determined to speak for her child and did so outside the hospital where she said her final goodbye. “Cecilia was … Read more

Those fighting Chicago gun violence dismayed by Supreme Court decision

CHICAGO (WLS) — A celebration was held Thursday night as the Metropolitan Peace academy sends new graduates into Chicago communities to work to end gun violence, the same day as the Supreme Court voted to ease restrictions on those carrying guns by overturning New York’s laws limiting conceal carry licenses. “The fight I’m up against, … Read more