Can EU’s Global Gateway strategy compete with Beijing?

Video Duration 25 minutes 15 seconds 25:15 From: Inside Story The European Union’s infrastructure strategy is seen as a challenge to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The European Union has launched what is being described as a roadmap for major investment in infrastructure worldwide. Global Gateway strategy is seen as a challenge to China’s Belt … Read more

China summons Japanese ambassador over Abe’s Taiwan comments

Former Japanese prime minister had warned of the serious consequences of Beijing taking the ‘wrong path’ over the self-ruled island. China’s foreign ministry summoned Japan’s ambassador in Beijing for an “emergency meeting” on Wednesday evening after former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said neither his country nor the United States could stand by if China … Read more

Busting the Merkel Myth

Press play to listen to this article BERLIN — In an age of us-versus-them politics, soon-to-be ex-German Chancellor Angela Merkel might be the only prominent international leader the global demos can actually agree on. From Poland to Peru, clear majorities profess a favorable view of the East German physicist-turned-politician, whose 16-year tenure running Europe’s largest … Read more

Athletes or politicians? MPs want Canada to boycott Beijing Winter Olympics — but can’t agree on how

OTTAWA—All three official opposition parties are pressuring the Liberal government to diminish Canada’s presence at the upcoming Beijing Olympics, as Ottawa talks behind the scenes with other countries about how to participate in the Winter Games hosted by an economic superpower with an abysmal human rights record. The Bloc Québécois is taking the hardest line, … Read more

WTA SUSPENDS all tournaments in China in support of Peng Shuai… jeopardising £30m prize money

When on November 2, 2021, Peng Shuai posted an allegation of sexual assault against a top Chinese government official, the Women’s Tennis Association recognized that Peng Shuai’s message had to be listened to and taken seriously. The players of the WTA, not to mention women around the world, deserve nothing less. From that moment forward, … Read more

Analysis: China’s birthrate just hit another record low. But the worst is yet to come

The birthrate, which has now fallen to single digits, is the latest troubling sign of China’s worsening population crisis, as the country of 1.4 billion people begins to lose its youthful edge. The country’s once-a-decade national census revealed in May that just 12 million babies were born last year — an 18% plunge from 14.65 … Read more

EU makes late bid to rival China on the Silk Road

Press play to listen to this article More than 3,000 days after President Xi Jinping came up with a plan in 2013 to invest massively in critical infrastructure like railways and harbors that connect China to the rest of the world, EU officials have finally come up with an alternative scheme. European Commission President Ursula … Read more

MI6 spy chief says China, Russia, Iran top UK threat list

LONDON — China, which is increasingly flexing its muscles around the world, is one of the biggest threats to Britain and its allies, and a “miscalculation” by Beijing could lead to war, the head of the U.K.’s foreign intelligence agency said Tuesday. MI6 chief Richard Moore said that China, Russia, Iran and international terrorism make … Read more

China mounting ‘large’ spying operations against UK, says MI6 chief

C hina is running “large scale” spying operations against the UK in a bid to distort public opinion and political decision making, the chief of MI6 has said. Richard Moore called China “an authoritarian state with different values than ours” which exports technology that create a “web of authoritarian control around the world”. He warned … Read more

Covid news live: Hong Kong to ban non-resident arrivals from Australia, Canada and parts of Europe; WHO warns Omicron poses ‘very high’ risk

Hong Kong has banned non-residents from entering the city from four African countries and plans to expand that to travellers who have been to Australia, Canada, Israel and six European countries in the past 21 days due to fears over Omicron. The food and health secretary, Prof Sophia Chan, made the announcement at a press … Read more