Hershey Won’t Be Able To Meet Halloween Candy Demand This Year

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Halloween could be extra scary for chocolate lovers. Hershey says it won’t be able to make enough candy to fully meet the holiday demand this year. The problem? People started buying more sweets during the pandemic and it hasn’t slowed down. Not to mention ongoing supply-chain issues. Hershey’s CEO says they can … Read more

Two M&M Factory Workers Rescued After Falling Into Chocolate-Filled Vat

Two maintenance workers were rescued by firefighters after falling into a partially filled chocolate tank at a Mars Wrigley factory in Pennsylvania. What do you think? “Have they considered containing the chocolate in safe, candy-coated shells?” Elliot Choupa, Systems Analyst “I gotta start falling into better vats.” Melinda Hurley, Massage Critic “I expect all my … Read more