Fire Season Seeing Major Drop in Acres Burned

Good news to report when it comes to our fire season so far this year. Checkout the graphic below and you’ll see the dramatic trend when it comes to acres burned in California. While every acre burned is especially devastating when it involves people and property the trend is way down. Since Jan. 1, only … Read more

To Avoid Blackouts, California May Tap Fossil Fuel Plants

Looking to avoid power blackouts, California may turn to the one energy source it’s otherwise desperate to get rid of: fossil fuels. A sweeping energy proposal Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Thursday puts the state in the business of buying power to ensure there’s enough to go around during heat waves that strain the grid. But … Read more

Not Enough or Too Far? California Climate Plan Pleases Few

Heat waves and drought gripping California highlight the urgency to slash fossil fuel use and remove planet-warming emissions from the air, a top state official said Thursday during discussions of a new plan for the state to reach its climate goals. “I think every single Californian today knows that we’re living through a climate emergency,” … Read more