Can talks bring an end to weeks of violent protests in Ecuador?

Video Duration 25 minutes 00 seconds 25:00 From: Inside Story Indigenous groups are demanding lower food and fuel prices. Ecuador’s government is holding talks with representatives of its Indigenous community. The dialogue aims to end weeks of protest against a sharp increase in fuel and food prices that have affected Indigenous people the most. After … Read more

Indigenous protest leaders agree to talks with Ecuador government

Talks to begin as demonstrations against rising costs of living have paralysed parts of the South American country. The Indigenous organisation leading protests in Ecuador has agreed to hold talks with the government, as the South American nation has been rocked by mass demonstrations over the last two weeks. The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of … Read more

Clashes as Ecuador protests continue despite small concession

Police in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, have fired tear gas to disperse Indigenous protesters who tried to storm congress on the 11th day of crippling demonstrations over fuel prices and living costs. The confrontations on Thursday came after protesters won a concession from the Ecuadoran government when President Guillermo Lasso, isolating because of a COVID-19 infection, … Read more