Can Canada contain monkeypox? What we need to do in this ‘window of opportunity’

Canada is in a time crunch to get monkeypox under control, before cases potentially spread further. But health experts and advocates say a crucial opportunity could be squandered if governments don’t start taking the virus more seriously. They are urging more action as three U.S. states declared monkeypox emergencies in recent days and the World … Read more

Trudeau says Ottawa wants to make sure health spending delivers ‘tangible results’ |

The federal government wants to make sure billions of dollars transferred to the provinces and territories for health care will “deliver real, tangible results for Canadians” with shorter wait times and better services, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says. In the past, “huge investments” by provincial and federal governments haven’t always delivered the necessary improvements, Trudeau … Read more

Families and protesters flock to Ottawa’s first in-person Canada Day celebrations since 2019

OTTAWA — Hundreds of protesters marching in the name of “freedom” returned to the capital’s downtown streets Friday, capping off a Canada Day which began with a call for unity from the prime minister. “Canada is about people who are constantly fighting for something instead of against,” Justin Trudeau said, after arriving at a daytime … Read more

‘Meltdowns.’ ‘Smear jobs.’ ‘Harassment’: Michelle Rempel Garner is calling out her fellow Conservatives — and some are trying to kick her out of the party

OTTAWA — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner walked away from running for leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party on Thursday, citing the inhospitable internal political environment she’d inherit and a lack of time to fix it. But the high-profile MP is not returning to an overly hospitable federal political environment either. The Star has learned … Read more

Feds to lift COVID-19 vaccination requirement to board flights, trains: source |

A government source tells Global News the federal government will soon announce that Canadians will no longer be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to board trains as well as domestic and international flights. Since Oct. 30, 2021, the federal government has required travellers in Canada to be fully vaccinated to travel by air or … Read more

Ottawa to drop COVID-19 vaccine mandates, allowing unvaccinated Canadians to board planes, trains

Unvaccinated Canadians will soon be able to fly domestically and overseas, as the federal government is dropping its COVID-19 vaccine mandates, the Star has learned. The announcement, which is expected Tuesday, includes dropping the public sector requirement that all bureaucrats be vaccinated, as well as clearing the way for unvaccinated Canadians to board planes and … Read more