Shock pic shows how much you need to retire

A new financial graph has revealed just how much the average Aussie will need to save to retire.​ The average Aussie may need to save around $75,000 to $100,000 per year just to retire comfortably, according to a new financial survey. And while superannuation is a major asset on the path towards retirement, the fund … Read more

For the Third Time in Three Decades, Congress Punts on Serious Climate Legislation

NASA just declared that this June has tied with that of 2020 for the hottest we have ever measured. At the moment, forecasters are predicting that, on Monday, the United Kingdom, which maintains the longest instrumental record of temperature in the world, may see the hottest day that nation has ever recorded. This was the … Read more

California plan to slash planet-warming emissions and achieve carbon neutrality draws criticism

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Heat waves and drought gripping California highlight the urgency to slash fossil fuel use and remove planet-warming emissions from the air, a top state official said Thursday as discussions began on a new proposal for how the state will meet its ambitious climate goals. “I think every single Californian today knows that … Read more