Israel’s Lapid meets Macron in Paris on first trip as PM

PARIS – Israeli caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Tuesday used his first trip abroad since taking office to urge world powers to step up pressure on Iran over its nuclear activities, calling the Islamic republic a threat to regional stability. Lapid met in Paris on Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron, who called on … Read more

Greek PM criticizes ‘constant aggressive behavior’ of Turkey

ATHENS – Greece’s prime minister said Tuesday that Russia’s war in Ukraine is a “turning point” in the course of Europe, stressing that any type of outcome that could embolden aggression by other nations on the continent must be avoided. Greece, which has long-standing disputes with far larger neighbor Turkey that brought them to the … Read more

Kobach looks for comeback in Kansas after losing 2 big races

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas voters have said no to Kris Kobach twice over the past four years. But he is nonetheless betting that this can be the year he makes a political comeback. His losses, including a 2018 defeat that handed the governor’s office in this Republican-leaning state to a Democrat, might end other political … Read more

High cost of Russia gains in Ukraine could limit new advance

After more than four months of ferocious fighting, Russia claimed a key victory: full control over one of the two provinces in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland. But Moscow’s rout of the last remaining bulwark of Ukrainian resistance in Luhansk province came at a steep price. The critical question now is whether Russia can muster enough … Read more

Flyers prospect Ivan Fedotov sent to Arctic after forced conscription into Russian military, reports say

After he was reportedly detained and forced to enlist in the Russian military on Friday, Flyers goalie prospect Ivan Fedotov was briefly hospitalized before he was shipped off to serve in the country’s Far North. Fedotov suffered gastritis beginning Friday due to the stress of being detained and conscripted in St. Petersburg, his lawyer Alexei … Read more

Serious disruption likely as roads targeted in fuel duty protest

P olice have warned of “serious disruption throughout the day” as protesters target motorways in a demonstration over high fuel prices. Roads in various parts of the country could be subject to traffic jams on Monday as protesters take action and call for a cut in fuel duty. Protests will target mainly three-lane motorways and … Read more

‘Join us in California’: Newsom targets DeSantis in new Florida ad

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Gavin Newsom is running for reelection in California, but his latest television ad is airing in Florida. The 30-second spot scheduled to air on Fox News starting Monday takes shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his policies, while drawing a contrast with California. “Freedom, it’s under attack in your state. … Read more

In wake of deadly Fairmount fire, federal bill would mandate better smoke alarms in public housing

Two federal lawmakers from Pennsylvania are introducing a bill to mandate the installation of smoke alarms in public housing as a response to the deadly fire in Fairmount in January, which killed 12 people, including 9 children. The Public and Federally Assisted Fire Safety Act was introduced in June by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and … Read more

The long, ongoing debate over ‘All men are created equal’

NEW YORK – Kevin Jennings is CEO of the Lambda Legal organization, a prominent advocate for LGBTQ rights. He sees his mission in part as fulfilling that hallowed American principle: “All men are created equal.” “Those words say to me, ‘Do better, America.’ And what I mean by that is we have never been a … Read more