John Fraser to again serve as Ontario Liberals’ interim leader

Once more unto the breach. Liberal MPP John Fraser, who served as interim party leader for two years after the Grits were almost wiped out in the 2018 election, is again stepping up after last month’s latest defeat. Fraser (Ottawa South) has been unanimously selected by the eight-member caucus to lead the struggling Liberals until … Read more

David Clifford: ‘It’s tough to take the losses each year but it makes this so much sweeter’

Updated 32 minutes ago JAMES O’DONOGHUE ONCE remarked that “you’re not a real Kerry footballer until you’ve won an All-Ireland.” In his fifth season at senior level, David Clifford can finally say he’s joined those ranks.  The Fossa star delivered when the pressure was highest, carding an eight-point haul to finish as Kerry’s top scorer … Read more

‘What we have learned over the past 2.5 years under Rory has been mind-blowing’

AFTER TYRONE WERE dispatched in the Ulster quarter-final, Chrissy McKaigue was surrounded by a posse of reporters, eager to hear the thoughts of one of the most eloquent speakers on Gaelic Games. “I have never been involved in a Derry team that is as technically attuned. That’s one thing that our manager has brought in… … Read more

Two potential leadership candidates say they represent the diversity Ontario’s NDP needs

An Indigenous New Democrat MPP from northwestern Ontario is weighing a bid for the NDP leadership, saying he would bring important perspectives to the forefront in the race to replace Andrea Horwath. “It’s certainly something that could change the trajectory of the thinking of the people in Ontario,” Sol Mamakwa said Thursday after being sworn … Read more