Poland completes 186-kilometre border wall with Belarus

Poland has completed construction on a new 186-kilometre border wall in an attempt to deter migrants entering from Belarus. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and top security officials visited the border area on Thursday to mark the completion of a new 5.5-metre-high steel wall. Poland is also set to lift a state of emergency on Friday that … Read more

US opens criminal probe after 51 people die in Texas truck

Authorities in the United States have opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of at least 51 people who had been trapped inside a sweltering tractor-trailer found abandoned in the city of San Antonio in southern Texas. The incident was one of the deadliest human trafficking tragedies along the US-Mexico border in recent history. The … Read more

NATO rushes to halt Russia, leaving China pivot unresolved

NATO leaders will proclaim a united wartime front this week at a summit in Madrid. Yet the quandaries that once left NATO adrift are still bubbling. Before Russia sent its troops streaming into Ukraine, NATO had been searching for reinvention. For some, China and its expansive, modernizing military presented NATO’s next big challenge. Others wondered … Read more

Biden administration paroles migrants to reduce overcrowding

The warehouse on a busy but unremarkable strip of auto repair shops and convenience stores draws little attention from passersby. Inside, hundreds of migrants are eating, charging phones and using temporary bathrooms and showers. Within a few hours, a security guard escorts them to a gravel lot out front, where commercial buses take them from … Read more

UNICEF: Spike in child migrants crossing the Darien Gap

The number of child migrants who crossed the treacherous Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama has spiked, the United Nations Children’s Fund said Friday. UNICEF said that in May 2021, 500 children were detected crossing on the jungle trail. But in May 2022, that number had risen to 2,000. The fund estimates that about 5,000 … Read more

Flight grounded as European judges thwart plan to send UK asylum seekers to Rwanda

Press play to listen to this article Boris Johnson’s controversial plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda suffered a bitter blow Tuesday night after the first planned flight was grounded on the runway following a late intervention by European judges. The Kigali-bound flight had originally been scheduled to take off with 130 asylum seekers on … Read more

Why has Rwanda agreed to receive unwanted asylum seekers?

Video Duration 25 minutes 00 seconds 25:00 From: Inside Story The United Kingdom seeks to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda after legal challenges fail. Come here and we will send you to Rwanda. That is the message coming out of the United Kingdom for asylum seekers and migrants trying to reach the country illegally. Most … Read more

Court takes restrictive line on immigrant court access

Justices rule that immigrants being held for long periods have no right to argue for release as they fight deportation. The Supreme Court has ruled against immigrants who are seeking their release from long periods of imprisonment while they fight deportation orders. In two cases decided Monday, the court said that the immigrants, who fear … Read more