Parents laud Chinese rules aimed at kids’ ‘unhealthy’ gaming

Li Zhanguo’s two children, aged eight and four, don’t have their own smartphones, but like millions of other Chinese children, they are no strangers to online gaming. “If my children get their hands on our mobile phones or an iPad, and if we don’t closely monitor their screen time, they can play online games for … Read more

Senate parliamentarian rules against including immigration reform in $3.5 trillion economic bill

In her ruling, parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough wrote, “Changing the law to clear the way to LPR status is tremendous and enduring policy change that dwarfs its budgetary impact.” The decision comes as a resounding rebuke to Democrats, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation. With it, it’s unlikely immigration will be included … Read more

Democrats in Washington want to raise taxes on the rich. Here’s who would be affected

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats want to raise taxes on the rich to pay for their $3.5 trillion plan to expand the nation’s safety net, saying the wealthy should pay their fair share.The rich would be hit in a variety of ways under the proposal advanced by the House Ways & Means Committee.The House … Read more

Gordon Brown recruited as WHO ambassador after Covid jabs campaign

The former prime minister has been unveiled as the ambassador for global health financing after campaigning for the equitable distribution of vaccines Gordon Brown has been unveiled as a World Health Organisation ambassador ( Image: NurPhoto/PA Images) Gordon Brown has been unveiled as the World Health Organisation ambassador for global health financing. The former prime … Read more

Early limited results in Russia show pro-Kremlin party leads

MOSCOW – Voting has ended in Russia’s parliamentary election and the country’s elections commission says early results Sunday from a limited number of polling stations show the country’s Kremlin-loyal United Russia party in the lead. Results from nearly 9% of the country’s polling stations give the United Russia party 38% of the vote for the … Read more

Reported voting violations mar Russia’s parliamentary ballot

MOSCOW – From the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, Russians across eleven time zones voted Sunday on the third and final day of a national election for a new parliament, a ballot in which the pro-Kremlin ruling party is largely expected to retain its majority after months of relentless crackdown on the opposition. The … Read more

France’s Macron to talk to Biden amid crisis over submarines

PARIS – President Emmanuel Macron will speak in the coming days with President Joe Biden in what will be their first contact since a major diplomatic crisis erupted between France and the United States over a submarine deal with Australia, an official said Sunday. The phone call is at the request of Biden, government spokesman … Read more

While Biden says he wants to close Guantanamo prison, administration has taken few steps to do so

The Biden administration first announced it intended to close the facility during a White House press briefing in February 2021. When asked by a reporter if the prison would be closed by the time Biden leaves office, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said, “that’s certainly our goal and our intention.” But months into Biden’s … Read more

From Mackinac to Motor Bella, Major Events Return – CBS Detroit

Southfield (CBS Detroit) – Motor Bella is making its debut at the M1 Concourse this coming week as Detroit Auto Dealers Association’s Executive Director Rod Alberts and the facility’s CEO Timothy McGrane talked about on “Michigan Matters” airing 8 a.m. this Sunday on CBS 62. Michigan Matters Host Carol Cain, with Rod Alberts, Executive Director of … Read more

Fauci Defends FDA Panel, Says It Didn’t Make a Mistake Rejecting Booster Covid Shots for All Americans – NBC New York

Dr. Anthony Fauci defended the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to reject offering booster shots of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to the general U.S. population. Fauci said he would support a third dose if future data shows it’s effective. Last month, President Joe Biden announced plans to roll out booster shots to all Americans beginning the … Read more