Kobach looks for comeback in Kansas after losing 2 big races

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas voters have said no to Kris Kobach twice over the past four years. But he is nonetheless betting that this can be the year he makes a political comeback. His losses, including a 2018 defeat that handed the governor’s office in this Republican-leaning state to a Democrat, might end other political … Read more

NSW flooding needed to get the ‘attention it deserved’ from Albanese

Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor has doubled down on his criticism of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s absence during the New South Wales floods. “My point was I was on the ground yesterday with my constituents dealing with terrible, devastating flooding circumstances in the Camden,” he told Sky News Australia. “They wanted to know the Prime Minister … Read more

High cost of Russia gains in Ukraine could limit new advance

After more than four months of ferocious fighting, Russia claimed a key victory: full control over one of the two provinces in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland. But Moscow’s rout of the last remaining bulwark of Ukrainian resistance in Luhansk province came at a steep price. The critical question now is whether Russia can muster enough … Read more

Living in today’s America on the Fourth of July

RALEIGH, N.C. — This Fourth of July holiday is a chance for people to reflect on American values such as democracy and freedom. Americans are divided along political lines, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. What You Need To Know Gary Spencer with the Sons of the American Revolution says he’s … Read more

Canada: Final settlement reached on Indigenous child compensation

Funds will go to Indigenous children who were removed from their homes, discriminated against in provision of services. The Canadian government and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) have announced that a final settlement has been reached on compensation for Indigenous children who were discriminated against for years in the provision of government services. Canada … Read more

CoCo County school board member calls for 4th of July boycott

MARTINEZ (KPIX) — While many are getting ready to fire up the grill or attend a parade Monday, some people plan to boycott Fourth of July celebrations to protest the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade. “America has hit a bottom low taking away women’s reproductive rights,” said Contra Costa County resident Anamarie Avila … Read more

A new message of hope & unity for this July 4th — Through it all, the American Dream endures

Two-hundred forty-six years ago, 13 colonies boldly declared their independence. They did so in opposition to the British empire, which at the time possessed the greatest military power on Earth. The reasons for this declaration were not spurious, and our Founders did not take the consequences of their decision lightly. Benjamin Franklin said as the  … Read more

Gavin Newsom Goes On The Air Against Ron DeSantis As Political Rivalry Grows

CALIFORNIA. (CW44 News At 10 | CNN) — Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis aren’t just avatars for the different futures of their parties, but also for the separate realities blue and red Americans are living in — two people of opposing viewpoints looking at the exact same set of facts and coming to vastly different conclusions. They’re both … Read more

West African leaders lift economic sanctions on Mali

Leaders from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) gathered to assess efforts to secure timetables for restoring civilian rule in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso. Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have lifted economic and financial sanctions imposed on Mali, after its military rulers proposed a 24-month transition to … Read more

‘Join us in California’: Newsom targets DeSantis in new Florida ad

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Gavin Newsom is running for reelection in California, but his latest television ad is airing in Florida. The 30-second spot scheduled to air on Fox News starting Monday takes shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his policies, while drawing a contrast with California. “Freedom, it’s under attack in your state. … Read more