Doctors Suggest Treating Back Pain With Maybe Some Kind Of High-Tech Robot Back Thing

ROCHESTER, MN—Indicating that an electronic spine-replacement device would drastically increase physical well-being if the technology does indeed exist, doctors at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic suggested Friday that their patients with back pain be treated with some kind of high-tech robot back thing. “It is our recommendation that anyone experiencing back problems seek out a sort … Read more

Good News: A robotic exoskeleton helps wheelchair users walk and more

Welcome to another episode of the Good News round-up. Today we’re covering new research on a way to help plants survive extreme heat; an exoskeleton that is allowing wheelchair users to walk; how the books business is booming; a study that says friends appreciate being contacted more than we think; and how macaws that were … Read more

Robot Chess Player Breaks Boy’s Finger At Moscow Tournament

According to Russian media outlets, a chess-playing robot grabbed and broke a boy’s finger during a match at the Moscow Open, with officials saying the incident occurred because the child “violated” safety rules by taking a turn too quickly. What do you think? “I never dreamed that we would someday be able to automate bad … Read more

Caught On Camera: Chess-Playing Robot Breaks 7-Year-Old Boy’s Finger During Tournament In Russia

Following the incident, the boy’s finger was fractured and scratched. (Representative Pic/Pixabay) A seven-year-old boy recently had his finger broken by a chess-playing robot during a tournament in Moscow, Russia. The incident took place on July 19 at the Moscow Chess Open tournament. The Vice President of the Chess Federation of Russia, Sergey Smagin,  informed … Read more

Tom’s Watch Bar unveils robot server to help with customer orders

DENVER — Tom’s Watch Bar is unveiling a new robot server to help with customer orders during the restaurant’s busiest hours. Tom’s Watch Bar Operating Partner Refik Turkanovic said the robot is helping fill the restaurant’s labor gap. “It’s literally just to help out our employees. I mean, the restaurant industry is very fast-paced. It … Read more