Why have the Conservatives fallen out of love with Boris Johnson?

The last few months have been a conveyor belt of crises for Britain’s Conservative Party and its ever-erratic leader Boris Johnson, with the Tories seemingly lurching from one scandal to the next. The latest was a string of resignations on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, following allegations of sexual misconduct by the party’s chief whip, … Read more

Tory MP loses party whip as formal complaint lodged with Westminster’s harassment watchdog

THE CONSERVATIVE WHIP has been suspended from Tory MP Chris Pincher as an investigation in launched into allegations that he groped two men at a private members’ club while drunk. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson bowed to pressure after a complaint about the MP was made to the British Parliament’s watchdog that examines allegations of … Read more

Conservative MP quits as deputy chief whip after drunken incident at private Tory club

THE UK GOVERNMENT’s deputy chief whip has resigned following a drunken incident in which he said he “embarrassed” himself and others. Chris Pincher, who was responsible for maintaining discipline among Tory MPs, apologised to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying it had been “the honour of my life” to have served in the Government. The … Read more

Boris Johnson aiming to stay in Downing Street until 2030s

B oris Johnson has said he is planning to be Prime Minister into the 2030s despite Conservative critics plotting to oust him after voters rejected the Tories in a double by-election defeat. The Prime Minister insisted he was “thinking actively” about fighting the next two general elections to become the longest-serving post-war leader. He urged … Read more

New Wakefield MP Simon Lightwood says Labour is ‘rebuilding the red wall’

N ew Wakefield MP Simon Lightwood has said Labour is “rebuilding the red wall” as the party reclaimed the West Yorkshire seat from the Conservatives. Mr Lightwood was elected with a majority of 4,925 on a swing of 12.7% from the Tories to Labour. Wakefield had been a Labour seat continuously from 1932 until 2019, … Read more

Prime Minister warns ‘we need to steel ourselves for long war’ in Ukraine

T he Prime Minister has warned Britons that “we need to steel ourselves for a long war” in Ukraine on his return from the nation’s capital. After visiting Kyiv, Boris Johnson said that Vladimir Putin’s invasion is “entering a new phase” and if Russian advances were successful he “would not stop at dismembering Ukraine”. Writing … Read more