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Residents of Westbury, tired of drugs and violence, welcome the special police force Picture: Leon Sadiki

  • Six people have been wounded in an ongoing gang battle over territory in Westbury.
  • The Fast Guns and Varados gangs are battling over the drug territory of the township.
  • The victims were shot at a block of flats allegedly belonging to the Fast Guns.

Five men and a woman were wounded in what has been described as an ongoing gang war in Westbury, Johannesburg.

The victims were shot at around 19:15 on Wednesday and were rushed to hospital.

They had been at a block of flats that is allegedly part of the Fast Guns gang territory.

The Fast Guns have been battling their rivals – the Varados, over the township’s territory.

A woman who declined to be identified, said the battle was far from over.

“We live under heavy gun battle. A week doesn’t pass without them fighting against each other. Those involved are our children who were born and raised in Westbury and Newclare.

“They should be living together in peace. They don’t want peace. They continue killing each other. We appeal for the police to be more visible in our township. Things are worsening, and our children are finishing each other,” she said.

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Another woman added that the territory was led mainly by drugs.

She claimed the rival gangs wanted to seize the other’s territory.

“Drugs are behind the killings in Westbury and Newclare. Our children are into drugs. They are controlled by drug dealers who want to own the entire Westbury and Newclare. They have guns. No night goes without hearing gunshots. Sometimes, they shoot at each other in broad daylight,” she said.

Young children are dropping out of school and joining gangs. They want to be recognised in the township. They fear nothing. They will continue killing each other as long as the government doesn’t intervene.

Miraculous escape 

She said the six people were lucky to escape with their lives.

“Those gunmen wanted to finish them. They arrived at a block of flats and opened fire. After shooting at those children, they walked away. They are not going to be arrested,” she said.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo said they had opened a case of attempted murder.

“It is reported that five males and one female were standing at the block of flats in Westbury when two suspects started shooting at them before fleeing the scene. Victims were taken to the hospital in a serious, but stable condition. The motive for the shooting cannot be confirmed at this stage. The police investigation is underway,” Mavela said.

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